Kupel is a big barrel, made from wood, metal or plastic. During the time the form of kupel was changed, the material of making was changed too.


Bath kupel is very good and healthful thing. The water inside must be cold, in the case of ideal condition - maximal cold. The man flushed hot bathhouse, diving into the kupel, gets such un powerful energy, wich will last for a week or even two. Hardening is always welcomed by medics, and an abrupt change of temperature conditions make wonders: It improves blood circulation and heart function, skin becomes smooth and elastic, you will find your mood increased. In addition, the wooden kupel "charges" the water with life and that becomes a living. 


Kupel from Cedar


You can see cedar kupel everywhere. Cedar is very rich with essential oils, which have very useful properties. The action is manifested at the cellular level, so do not be surprised if in a few hours after the procedure, you will notice an improvement of your skin. The water in the cedar barrel full of phytoncides that strengthen immunity.


Cedar - is an evergreen conifer tree, about the useful properties of which humanity has learned many centuries ago. This type of trees have very healthful ability, which effects positivly on the human health and psychological condition.


Today Russian bath is, at first, method to relax, to get power and energy, to prove the health and spend funny time.



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